Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love this! :)

I have 10 years experiences in Baking up yummies and bringing smiles to people. The past year I have been with my mom working with her on her bakery, Simply Delicious - finally I have decided to go a different route and to try a few new things. I'm especially proud of my mom for trying her hardest to make the bakery work and for all the success that we had with it. The last big thing that we did with the Simply Delicious Bakery is giving a HUGE donation to the Shriner's Hospital in Portland, OR! My 1 year old baby was born with a club foot, and the doctors and nurses and staff there have been so wonderful, and I really fell in love with them, so; to say thank you, me and my mom both agreed that we should do something big. We went to Shriner's hospital 20 big boxes filled with goodies like: Multiple flavors of truffles, Biscotti, Beer/Cheese/Jalapeno Biscuits, Chocolate dipped orange peels, and Meringue cookies. It was a lot of fun making all the goodies for them, we even ended up making our own decorated boxes so they looked extremely professional! If any at the Shriner's Hospital is reading this, then I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated for all the hard work you guys do, and that I'll be seeing you soon!

Here are some pictures of the boxes & the goodies that we had in the boxes. I wish I didn't forget my camera when we actually delivered them - but, next time I go to the hospital, I will make sure to bring it and take some pictures of some of my now favorite people! :)